Os planos iniciais para os motores de F1 a partir de 2021. Há aqui muito boas ideais. E não há tracção total.

F1's 2021 engine plans at a glance

The 2021 power unit to be a 1.6 Litre, V6 Turbo Hybrid

3000rpm higher engine running speed range to improve the sound

Prescriptive internal design parameters to restrict development costs and discourage extreme designs and running conditions

Removal of the MGUH

More powerful MGUK with focus on manual driver deployment in race together with option to save up energy over several laps to give a driver controlled tactical element to racing

Single turbo with dimensional constraints and weight limits

Standard energy store and control electronics
High Level of external prescriptive design to give 'Plug-And-Play' engine/chassis/transmission swap capability

Intention to investigate tighter fuel regulations and limits on number of fuels used