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Quarta, 02 Maio 2018 11:44 | Actualizado em Domingo, 09 Agosto 2020 23:06

SVC enters 2018 F3 Asian Championship with two cars

The motorsport group led by Raimondo Amadio will be the only Italian team in the new series certified by FIA with a total of 24 cars predicted for July debut in Sepang

.SVC The Motorsport Groupfurther expands its activities with the newborn SVC Asia team. This will be the only Italian team to enter the F3 Asian Championship certified by FIA which gets underway this July in Malaysia with ten teams registered and 24 cars predicted.

SVC Asia is born as a branch of SVC The Motorsport Group, the Italian organization led by Raimondo Amadio which, among its many business and sporting activities, manages all Villorba Corse's racing activities. SVC now steps into Asian racing world also putting the basis for further developments in Prototype and GT cars races.

Raimondo Amadio:“Entering the Asian market represents a crucial point in our global development. We believe that the newborn F3 Asian Championship is the best way to do it. It will allow us to expand there our racing activities also to covered wheel racing. We are confident about this new adventure which means another challenge for the whole team and its growth”.

FIA F3 Asian Championship 2018 calendar:July 9-10Sepang (Malaysia - official test); July 15Sepang (Malaysia); Sept. 2Ningbo (China); Sept. 23Shanghai (China); Oct. 14Ningbo (China); Nov. 25Sepang (Malaysia).

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