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Sexta, 19 Julho 2019 10:06 | Actualizado em Quinta, 06 Agosto 2020 12:46

Wilkinson-Adam (Optimum Motorsport Aston Martin) win  the 200th GT Open race 
Perfect Sunday for the British duo, with pole and victory in Race 2, in maiden win also for Optimum Motorsport and the new Aston Martin Vantage For Aston, a second landmark success after taking 100th race in 2012 and the first win since 2016
Saravia-Rueda (Teo Martín McLaren) and Crestani-Ramos 5SPS Mercedes) complete overall podium
Chaves-Kodrić (Teo Martín McLaren) and Costa-Altoè (Emil Frey Lambo) tied on top of overall standings
Mercedes take wins in Pro-Am, with Pierburg-Onslow Cole (SPS Automotive) and in Am with Hrachowina-Konrad (HTP Motorsport)  Spielberg, 14th July 2019
Ollie Wilkinson and Jonny Adam won Race 2 at the Red Bull Ring, giving the new Aston Martin Vantage and Optimum Motorsport their maiden win in the series, in what was the 200th race of the series launched back in 2006. Interestingly enough, it was an Aston Martin (the Villois Racing car of Barba=Malucelli) winning the 100th race in Budapest in 2012, and it is again an Aston Martin taking the 200th! A Vantage did not visit the first step of the podium in the GT Open since Monza’s Race 1 in 2016, when Yoluc-Hankey won for TF Sport. 
The Teo Martín Motorsport of Fran Rueda-Andrés Saravia took second today, ahead of the SPS Mercedes of Miguel Ramos-Fabrizio Crestani.  The top-5 was completed by the other Teo Martín McLaren of Henrique Chaves-Martin Kodrić and yesterday’s winners, Albert Costa-Giacomo Altoè (Emil Frey Lambo). This means that the two pairs are now tied at 70 points in the lead of the standings. 
Valentin Pierburg-Tom Onslow-Cole (SPS Mercedes) extended their Pro-Am lead by taking a third success, ahead of the Olimp Racing Audi R8 LMS of Poland’s Marcin Jedlinski-Mateusz Lisowski and the Teo Martín McLaren of Marcelo Hahn-Allam Khodair. 

 In Am, Alexander Hrachowina-Martink Konrad (HTP Mercedes) doubled their harvest of glory on home soil, beating Giuseppe Cipriani and Davide Roda and further extending their lead in the class. 
THE RACE -  Adam has a perfect launch from the pole and although he is briefly passed by Chaves in sector 1, he manages to keep the lead as the McLaren goes wide in one of the corners. Onslow-Cole is third ahead of Altoè, Rueda, Khodair, Lisowski, Schandorff, Cheever and Siedler. 
The Aston and the McLaren each build a gap of 2 seconds by lap 5. The battle is for third as Onslow-Cole holds Altoè, Rueda, Khodair and LMisowski. In Am, it’s Roda leading. Not much happens in the following laps, with gaps just stretching gently. 
End of lap 16 opens the window for driver change with Hrachowina, Rueda and chaves among the firsts to stop.  Onslow-Cole gets a warning for track limits. After all changes, Wilkinson leads with 6 seconds on Saravia and 7 on Pierburg, followed by Hahn, M.Jedlinski, Grenier, Costa, Onidi and Habul. While Wilkinson maintains the gap and Pierburg the position, Grenier, Costa, Hahn and Kodrić are now in the positions from 4th to 7th. 
In the final laps, Pierburg has to concede positions to Grenier, Costa and Kodrić, but the Canadian suddenly slows down and has to retire in the pits. It is though Crestani putting the show, as with a sensational charge, he closes the gap and attacks Kodrić and Costa in the final lap, passing both, with Kodrić using the opportunity to overtake Costa. It’s drama also in Am, as Roda goes wide on a kerb and spins, leaving victory in Am to Konrad and second to Cipriani. 
There is no change though in the lead despite the final charge of Saravia as Wilkinson masters perfectly the situation, with Crestani taking the last spot on the podium. 
STANDINGS AFTER ROUND 8 OF 14 Overall: 1. Costa-Altoè, Chaves-Kodrić, 70 points; 3. Rueda-Saravia, 62; 4. Crestani-Ramos, 56; 5. Siedler-Grenier, 55; 6. Wilkinson, 38; etc Pro-Am: 1. Onslow Cole-Pierburg, 50 p.; 2. Schandorff, 35; 3. Habul-Jäger, 27; 4. Hahn, Ling, 26; 6. Khodair, 24; etc Am: 1. Hrachowina-Konrad, 34 p.; 2. Roda, Cipriani, 23; 4. Silva-Coimbra, 14; 5. Hill-Schoffner, 10.   Teams: 1. Teo Martín Motordsport, 77; 2. Emil Frey Racing, 72; 3. SPS Automotive Performance, 45; 4. Optimum Motorsport, 20; 5. Antonelli Motorsport, 10; 6. Lazarus Racing, Spirit of Race, Senkyr Motorsport, 8; etc.  

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