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Quinta, 09 Janeiro 2020 23:19 | Actualizado em Domingo, 21 Julho 2024 02:40

ARG secures landmark agreement with Trans Am Race Company 

The Australian Racing Group is pleased to announce a landmark agreement with the Trans Am Race Company.

The multi-year deal will see ARG hold the commercial, promotional and marketing rights for all official Trans Am marks, including Trans Am (TA1) and Trans Am 2 (TA2) both in Australia and New Zealand.

The purpose of the new arrangement will see ARG, owners of the Category Management Agreement with Motorsport Australia (CAMS), use the USA-based Trans Am brand to create a National Series that will elevate the status of TA2 in Australasia to new heights.

ARG currently has a strategic alliance with the TA2 Muscle Cars Series that has run at state events in Australia for the past three years, and is working with ARG to fill a thundering 28-car field for TA2’s major circuit racing debut at the Superloop Adelaide 500 in March.

The TA2 cars will also have their own race at the brand-new Bathurst International race, set to be held at the famous Mount Panorama circuit in late 2020.

ARG’s exclusive licensing arrangement will see it establish a national series, offering current Australian-based TA2 car owners the opportunity to step up to a national level, or continue with local state-based series.

Trans-Am racing was pioneered in the USA back in the 1960s and is one of the most enduring forms of motorsport anywhere in the world.  

The current evolution of the series caters for modern V8-powered, rear-wheel drive muscle cars that feature iconic makes such as Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers.

Among a growing list of properties, ARG owns the promotional and commercial rights to the carsales TCR Australia Series, the thunderous Australian S5000 Championship, the ever-popular Touring Car Masters as well as two events at Mount Panorama, the Bathurst 6 Hour and the Bathurst International.


John Clagett
President, Trans Am Race Company

“It is fantastic that TA2 has gained an international recognition as a tremendous technical package at an affordable price point,” said John Clagett.

“ARG – one of the premier race promoters in Australia – has chosen to follow the TA2 technical rules package and to be officially licensed for use of the Trans Am marks and to have a services agreement with Trans Am Race Company.”

Matt Braid
CEO, Australian Racing Group

“It is a honour to have the official endorsement from the Trans Am Race Company as we look towards a big, bold future for Trans Am classes in Australia and New Zealand,” said Matt Braid.

“Trans Am is such an iconic racing brand and its series has been a stalwart of the American racing scene for decades, and is respected throughout the world.

“There are now a significant number of TA2 cars in the country, and we are working with the current competitor base and category administrators on the best way forward for all.

“The Trans Am 2 class is a great addition to ARG’s suite of categories and events, and with such such heroic brands involved with nameplates like Mustang, Camaro and Challenger they are sure to become even more popular both on and off track.”

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