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Mundial - 24 Horas de Le Mans


Terça, 18 Junho 2019 12:26 | Actualizado em Segunda, 10 Agosto 2020 18:45

A satisfying debut for Nobuya Yamanaka in Le Mans

A bright smile and a sense of satisfaction told the story of a happy Nobuya Yamanaka after the double-header at the famous Le Mans Circuit in France this weekend (13-15 June 2019).
Lining up alongside 50 plus cars in the Road to Le Mans - support category to the Le Mans 24 hours race that Nobu hopes to take part in next year - the amateur Japanese racer performed beyond expectations with a pair of mistake free, 18th place finishes, alongside teammate James Littlejohn in a quality field of LMP3 and GT3 machinery.

With each driver qualifying separately for race one and two, as well as alternating the starts for each race, it left James starting from ninth in Thursday’s race and Nobu starting from P30 in the weekend’s second race on Saturday. The ultimate pace shown was a competitive, collective effort in both races to deliver strong results for the pairing in the top half of the field.

Limited practice time on the challenging circuit saw Nobu continue to develop his skills and experience of the track in the races. He improved his qualifying performance by over six-seconds a lap in the races for a 4.04 second quicker lap-time, that demonstrated the clear improvements that have been made with his racing in such a professional environment this year.

Having now had the initial Le Mans experience Nobu is even more keen to cement his place on the grid for the 2020 French Classic. “I really enjoyed my Le Mans experience,” said Nobu, “The races and the track were so intense, and I had little time to feel or express my emotions in the car, but I feel very satisfied with my Le Mans debut."

“Now we can focus on finishing the remainder of the European Le Mans Series and look forward to moving up to the LMP2 class which I need to experience for the next steps in my journey.”

Nobu will next take part in the third round of the European Le Mans Series in Barcelona Spain on the 19-20 July. ”

山中信哉 “ルマン”デビュー戦は満足すべき結果でした

Nobuが来年参戦を目標にしているルマン24時間レース、そのサポートイベントである「Road to Le Mans」に50台のうちの1台として参加しました。日本人のアマチュアレーサーは予想を超える走りを見せ、2戦ともミスのない戦いで、LMP3とGT3が参加するレベルの高いレースにおいて、チームメイトのJames Littlejohnと共に18位完走を果たしました。

各々のドライバーはレース1と2の予選を別々に担当しますが、スタートドライバーは予選に関係なく決めることが出来ます。予選の結果を考慮し、木曜日のレースはJames Littlejohnが9番のポジションから、Nobuは週末(土曜日)の2レース目を30番手からスタートしました。レースでのコンペテティブなペースと全員の努力は、参加車両中の上位半分以内に入る自信の持てる結果をペアにもたらしました。



我々は、“European Le Mans Series”に集中することが出来ます。そして、私の計画の次のステップであるLMP2クラスへアップするために必要な経験を積むことを楽しみにしています。
Nobuは、7月19日~20日にスペイン、バルセロナで開催される“European Le Mans Series”第3戦に出場します。

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