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Quinta, 13 Dezembro 2018 22:22 | Actualizado em Quinta, 16 Maio 2024 19:12

Wintery Fuji takes its toll on Yamanaka’s Asian Le Mans Series charge

Nobuya Yamanaka and teammate Aidan Read left Fuji Speedway wondering what could have been as despite front-running race pace the pair failed to build on their opening round podium.
Ultimately, a hub failure in the final hour put paid to their race, but the reality was that the atrocious wintery conditions resulted in a spin for Nobu an hour into the race and this effectively set the result, having lost four laps when a simple slip resulted in the car beached on the trackside kerbs.
It was a real shame for the pairing as Nobu, leaning on his local knowledge of the Fuji Speedway, was running extremely competitively on fourth position and on pace with the leaders. The worsening freezing weather caught him out just when it was looking like he had the measure of the conditions.
Matters were made worse that the car was stranded awaiting assistance to re-join the field; instead of losing a few seconds, he lost laps and the race was effectively being over from that point.
Nonetheless, Nobu pushed on and handed the car to his young Australian teammate who set out to make a point, setting a series of fastest laps for the opening 40 minutes of his stint. This was promising for the future but ultimately disappointing on the day.
As the race drew into the final hour and pit stop for the Eurasia run Ligier, Read was set to run to the flag and a likely seventh place finish when a left rear wheel failure resulted in retirement with 45 minutes remaining on the clock.
“I am disappointed that we didn’t finish in the race” said Nobu. “It was my mistake that we spun out and at the time I was feeling quite in control on the cold and wet track. It was definitely unlucky that the car beached on the kerb as the spin was fairly small and should have been easy to recover from, I guess we were just unlucky this time”
Conditions should certainly be better for round three of the Asian Le Mans Series at the Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand on January 10-12, when the pair will be looking to get back to podium-finishing form.


山中信哉とチームメイトのAidan Readは、トップ集団と互角のレースペースであったにも関わらず、初戦に続き表彰台を獲得できなかったことに納得がいかない思いを抱きながら富士スピードウエイを後にしました。

1月10日~12日、タイのBuriramにあるChang International Circuitで開催されるAsian Le Mans Series第3戦、状況は良くならなければなりません。そして、二人は表彰台に戻ることを期待しています。

山中 信哉 Nobuya Yamanaka


Nationality: Japanese
FIA Category: Bronze
Latest racing: Inter Proto Series, leading the Expert Class with two races remaining.
First race: 2012
Experience: Multiple race wins and podiums
2012- 2018 Sports Proto, Suzuka
2014 - 2018 Inter Proto Series, Fuji
2018 LMP3 China Endurance Series
Favourite food: Meat! beef, chicken, pork...
Away from the racetrack: Living in Atami City the famous Hot Spring area situated at the coastal side of Izu, 100km west from Tokyo. 

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