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Quarta, 15 Maio 2019 07:34 | Actualizado em Quinta, 14 Novembro 2019 10:29

Easy mobility starts rolling at SEAT Martorell through Mobike and ByBus

  • The goal is to make it easy for workers to get around the industrial complex and reduce the number of vehicles at the Martorell factory
  • 100 Mobike bicycles are available for the employees
  • The Bus On Demand service by Metropolis:Lab, ByBus, begins its pilot phase with three Alhambras
  • SEAT aims to turn its Martorell facilities into a small benchmark Smart City


Getting around in an easier, more efficient and sustainable way. This is SEAT’s goal for launching the pilot phase of two projects that aim to make mobility easier and more sustainable and reduce the number of vehicles at the factory with the collaboration of Mobike and ByBus.


SEAT Vice-president for Production Christian Vollmer said that “with more than 13,000 employees at SEAT Martorell, we are similar in size to small cities or towns such as Tarifa or Formentera (Spain), and we have the opportunity to implement solutions that can later be exported outside the company’s site. If we aim to become a benchmark of future mobility and make it cleaner and more sustainable in large cities, we must first begin by achieving it at home.”

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