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Terça, 12 Janeiro 2021 12:28 | Actualizado em Segunda, 25 Janeiro 2021 09:20

Facing winter

10 car accessories to keep you going in the cold

  • Filomena is in the air in Europe and the drop in temperature has left snowfall across the continent
  • As this winter is expected to be colder than usual, SEAT features 10 ideal accessories for your car to keep you going in the cold
  • Chains, multi-function starter, Help Flash emergency light and even a portable coffee maker improve the safety and comfort of the occupants


Every winter, different parts of Europe are blanketed by snow. Low temperatures, often below zero, snow and arctic winds are common around the continent. However, 2021 has kicked off with the arrival of storm Filomena, and freezing temperatures and snowstorms are expected to spread even where it hardly ever snows. With record low temperatures across Europe, SEAT introduces some car accessories to keep you going despite the cold, snow and storms.


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