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Segunda, 16 Abril 2018 12:57 | Actualizado em Terça, 26 Março 2019 22:12

A leading force among Australia’s Aftermarket distributors joins TEMOT International


 CoolDrive, a leading supplier of automotive spare parts to the Australian Aftermarket, has become a shareholder of TEMOT International effective March 1, 2018. TEMOT International is thus significantly expanding its footprint in a growing market which also is key to the strategic Asia Pacific (APAC) region.


Since its establishment in 1977, CoolDrive has been owned and run by the founding family, the Blanchard family. Today, with an annual turnover of 160 million A$ (100 million €), 470 employees and a total of 33 branches in Australia and New Zealand, the firm is one of the leading distributors of spare parts to the domestic Aftermarket on the Australian continent and has become a major player in the APAC region.


Originally founded as a specialist for air conditioning systems, the company presently stocks about 60,000 parts from the product areas of air conditioning, engine cooling, rotating electrical, electrical accessories, lighting, tools and equipment, engine management, filtration, suspension, brake and clutch. Its portfolio includes all major international Aftermarket brands.


Despite long distances, thanks to an effective supply chain, CoolDrive is able to deliver products to 90 percent of Australian customers within just two hours of receiving an order. The company operates an Australian warehouse with a capacity of 36,700 square metres and an additional logistics centre in Shanghai with another 2,500 square metres. It also runs the “iShop”, a comprehensive 24/7 Internet store with online catalogues, price and availability check.


“We are very pleased to welcome CoolDrive to our network. The move is consistent with our strategy of winning the best local partners and putting emphasis on family businesses firmly rooted in their respective markets,” comments Fotios Katsardis, President and CEO of TEMOT International. “The independent Aftermarket in Australia represents an annual turnover of roughly 7.7 billion A$. We expect long-term growth in Australia as well as in the APAC region – and we are looking forward to shaping a successful future together with CoolDrive, a company that shares our vision and values!”


About TEMOT: TEMOT International is a leading strategic value network operating in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, focusing on Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles. Its headquarters is located near Düsseldorf in Germany. TEMOT International was founded in 1994 by 5 European companies and has been expanding continuously all over the world ever since. The organization consists today of 75 shareholders spread all over the world, producing aggregate total revenues of more than 10 billion €, employing directly more than 35,000 people and maintaining direct or indirect affiliations with 20,000 garages through various garage concepts. TEMOT International shareholders are leading warehouse distributors, e-commerce operators and aftermarket divisions of automotive conglomerates. They mainly supply to garages, jobbers and consumers and provide a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. TEMOT International's quest of adding value in the automotive aftermarket is pursued through serious networking, common procurement, information technology solutions, garage concepts & systems and public affairs.


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