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Sexta, 14 Junho 2019 07:57 | Actualizado em Quinta, 06 Agosto 2020 21:05

Your smartphone as a key: Sensorberg looks to BlueID cloud solution for digital access control


Philipp Spangenberg, CEO, BlueID (Copyright: BlueID GmbH)

 Sensorberg is a Proptech company which specialises in hardware and software for the digitalisation and automation of buildings and is now integrating BlueID. For future digital access control, it will use the company’s cloud-based platform BlueID ACCESS®. BlueID offers a simple and highly secure solution for the control and management of access and usage authorisation. With BlueID ACCESS®, property owners and operators of co-working spaces, for instance, can issue users and service providers - such as cleaning companies - extremely efficient access authorisation for buildings and individual rooms. Approved persons can authenticate themselves via their smartphone, which effectively becomes a digital key.

Not only does the digitalisation of buildings and digitally controllable access thereof increase efficiency in operations and user satisfaction, but also new privacy laws require the sensitive handling of data. [..

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