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Domingo, 28 Janeiro 2018 21:33 | Actualizado em Sábado, 15 Agosto 2020 10:28

The online Fast Fabric Sampling Tool “heiq it! ” for fabric managers

Enabling a rapid development and verification of textile product innovation ideas

End of March, the Swiss textile innovator HeiQ is going to go live with “heiq it!”, its one-of-a-kind Fast Fabric Sampling Tool. It is an online fabric configuration platform that enables fabric managers at textile brands to assemble premium customized fabrics with innovative HeiQ technologies. Brands can order dozens of meters of functional fabric samples or directly field trial testing tech-shirts. Within only two weeks, the configurated fabric samples can be provided and thereby significantly speed up the innovation development and verification process. At ISPO Munich, interested fabric and innovation managers can get an exclusive preview into “heiq it!” and test the online sample configuration prototype at the HeiQ booth C3-402.

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