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Quinta, 04 Agosto 2022 21:07 | Actualizado em Terça, 16 Agosto 2022 14:54

The RMCIT, a race like no other
Since its creation in 2019, the Rotax MAX Challenge International Trophy has been a resounding success with competitors and has since become a Rotax classic enjoyed throughout the world. The event is inundated with entries and external constraints have so far limited the number of participants. The organisers 3MK Events, the events department of Sodikart, in collaboration with BRP-Rotax, were cautious in the face of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, and then in the face of the global difficulties in the supply of various products that affect the whole world in 2022. The aim was to guarantee a quality event for the participants without trying to break records for entries.

It may be interesting to reflect on what makes the RMCIT a success. The first point to be taken into account influences the others and is within the profile of the organiser. We are not talking here about private organisers such as RGMMC or WSK Promotion whose resources come essentially from the amount of entries. With the RMCIT, we are talking about an alliance between the largest engine manufacturer and its tyre or engine oil "subsidiaries" on the one hand and the largest chassis manufacturer, the Rotax distributor in France, on the other. The RMCIT is designed to offer a great showcase for Rotax Spirit, and it is a success.

A unique event
Like the RMC Grand Finals, the RMC International Trophy is held once a year. This makes it easier to make it a prestigious and highly anticipated event. The quality of the organisation and the high level of the races go hand-in-hand at this level.

A prestigious location
The Le Mans karting circuit benefits from its proximity to the legendary 24 Hours race and the whole Le Mans region is steeped in motor sport. It is a must for enthusiasts, especially for those from distant countries.

Attractive prizes
Four tickets for the RMC Grand Finals are at stake, two quads reward the Micro and Mini winners, and a three-wheeled leisure vehicle and other prizes are offered by raffle.

Conviviality guaranteed
This is perhaps the most difficult point to achieve. The atmosphere at the RMCIT is unique. A large covered area is available to everyone. It is a pleasant and appreciated meeting place that enhances a competition that is very well-organised on the technical and sporting levels. The launch of the RMCIT coincided with the maturity of the Rotax Max Evo engines. The professional teams have found a loyal clientele in a rigorous framework that is not overly rigid. In short, everyone is happy to come to Le Mans for the RMCIT.

Kartcom wishes you a happy holiday and will see you at the end of August.
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