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Segunda, 27 Novembro 2017 18:58 | Actualizado em Terça, 30 Novembro 2021 19:16

Pure enjoyment

Wunderlich equips the R nineT Pure

Pure enjoyment

 BMW leaves riders of the purist version of its best-selling R nineT, the Pure, plenty of room for individualisation. As for all current models of the air-cooled Boxer, BMW motorcycle specialist Wunderlich also has a mighty offer pup its sleeve for this roadster.

The team from Sinzig give the Pure extraordinary wind protection with the short windscreen, which fully retains the sporty look of this modern classic. The black lamp grille in front of the main headlight fits the look perfectly and can be fitted with an LED headlight insert including cornering light.

Wunderlich’s tried and tested engine crash bar and wellthought out protectors protect against devaluing impacts and additional charges. Physical problems while riding are prevented by adjustable footrests and handlebar fittings as well as a pleasant handlebar riser

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