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Sábado, 03 Fevereiro 2018 14:55 | Actualizado em Quarta, 01 Dezembro 2021 01:56

On the safe side

Side protection for the GS Adventure from Wunderlich

On the safe side

Even though BMWs R 1200 GS Adventure comes with a tank protection bar as standard, the side of this GS is still pretty unprotected. Motorcycle accessory specialist Wunderlich is now correcting this deficiency with an additional reinforcement bar. It only reliably protects the tank but the body too. It also gives the Adventure a striking and unique look.

The bar is made from 25 mm-thick precision stainless steel pipe. A central, harmoniously designed aluminium protection provides extra safety and closes the gap between the series bar and the extension. In the event of a crash, the side body is thus perfectly protected and the forces generated are also distributed over multiple points. The Adventure is not widened by mounting the complete side protector. [...]

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