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Quinta, 22 Fevereiro 2018 09:39 | Actualizado em Terça, 30 Novembro 2021 22:07

Handy concept!

Refined pannier system from Wunderlich

Safety advantage through refl ector stripes

 It’s a well-known fact that you can never have enough space on a long tour. With the Rack Pack WP40, Wunderlich now offers a high-quality roll bag that comes with the innovative "Quicksnap" attachment system. Thanks to this system, the functional and waterproof bag without tension strap fumbling hooks onto the BMW aluminum case to attach in a flash. The special feature: The "Quicksnap" can be hooked on without the bag to the BMW aluminum box or all boxes with similar cover eyelets, and thus serves as a practical carry handle for the whole box - an original and clean solution.

Thanks to a large opening, the thoroughly robust, dual coated bag made of polyurethane fabric is easy to fill and the roll closure protects the contents from dust and moisture. Thanks to the innovative quick fastener, the 36 litre bag not only attaches to the BMW aluminum boxes, two bags can also be fixed together on top of each other in a jiffy.

The practical Rack Pack WP40 roll bag is completely Made in Europe and including the "Quicksnap" quick fastener costs 159.90 euros. [...]

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