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Sábado, 11 Novembro 2017 14:43 | Actualizado em Quarta, 01 Dezembro 2021 04:07

Everything for the bagger

The full Wunderlich range for the K 1600 B

Everything for the bagger

 BMW has barely just unleashed the first bagger on the highways of the world and BMW motorcycle specialist Wunderlich already has a wide range of accessories on offer for the K 1600 B.

Want to enjoy the American Way of Drive to perfection? No problem with Wunderlich’s ERGO screen. Thanks to its refined layout, the windscreen guarantees nigh on turbulence-free touring pleasure behind a crystal clear and visually clean screen that also comes in a tinted version. A special highlight is Wunderlich’s screen version with adjustable rear ventilation. Additional protection against cold, moisture and dirt is provided by beautifully designed foot protectors that fit discreetly into the lines of the bagger

The team from Sinzig ensures a suitably relaxed seating position for the powerful cruiser with an ergonomic handlebar riser and individually adjustable brake and throttle levers. [...]

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