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Sexta, 26 Janeiro 2018 15:07 | Actualizado em Domingo, 25 Fevereiro 2024 19:12

A huge range for the small GS

Wunderlich optimizes the BMW G 310 GS

Wunderlich G310GS

 It isn´t for sale a long time but Wunderlich already managed creating a huge product range for the smallest enduro bike ever made by BMW.

The team from Sinzig adds the quality of a tourer bike to the 310 GS with a windscreen in clear or smoked grey colored to ensure a pleasant reduction in turbulences. Wunderlich's 25 mm handlebar riser matches this perfectly, guaranteeing greater riding comfort and a better feel for the handling. For safer riding Wunderlich developed a mirror extension which ensures a better traffic overview.

Anyone who is longer,,on tour” needs more luggage. The tried-and-tested multifunctional Elephant tank bag range from the BMW specialists can now also be adapted to the 310 GS, and you can transport an additional 20 litres of luggage in the seat and luggage rack.

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