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Quarta, 08 Novembro 2017 19:39 | Actualizado em Terça, 06 Dezembro 2022 02:25

Textile products that look newer for longer without compromising hand feel – HeiQ’s third innovation of the year

The Swiss textile innovator HeiQ announces the launch of HeiQ No Fuzz - a new range of products to increase abrasion resistance of fabrics and reduce the level of fuzzing and pilling - at Performance Days November

Firmenlogo "HeiQ Materials AG"

( Anti-pilling” is not a new terminology to the textile industry. However, many conventional treatment technologies give a negative mechanical handle impact that leads to reduced fabric comfort. Improved visual perception at the cost of worse mechanical perception is the conventional approach to the problem of abrasion-related damage on textiles. HeiQ No Fuzz is based on novel adhesive polymer structures that give targeted, localized and non-homogeneous “bridging” reinforcement inside yarns and/or on the outer surface of yarns. Like tree roots protecting soil from erosion, the novel HeiQ polymer structures adhere to and reinforce the fabric yarns, substantially reducing the tendency to pill and fuzz, keeping the appearance of the textile surface looking newer for longer, while minimizing handle impact.

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