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Sexta, 01 Dezembro 2017 11:37 | Actualizado em Terça, 06 Dezembro 2022 16:34

Give thieves no chance!

Wunderlich secures the GPS of the S 1000 XR

Wunderlich Navi Sicherungskit S1000XR 01

( Surprising, but true: The original GPS of the BMW S 1000 XR cannot be secured on the bike and can therefore easily be stolen from the parked 1000er.

With a reliable protection motorbike specialist Wunderlich knows how to prevent that. The easy to mount, discreet anti-theft protection made from coated black stainless steel prevents the holder system from being unlocked. The removal of the costly GPS is only possible with the help of a key.

The protection is completely Made in Germany, comes with a high-quality lock including a 5-year warranty and costs 49,90 Euro.

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