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Sábado, 04 Novembro 2017 05:44 | Actualizado em Sexta, 14 Junho 2024 16:10

Construction begins for new Wunderlich corporate headquarters

The signs point to innovation!

Neue Wunderlich Unternehmenszentrale

 In the middle of October 2017, the groundwork began for the new corporate headquarters of Wunderlich GmbH. Wunderlich, the leading global supplier for high-quality BMW motorcycle accessories, is relocating its company base from Sinzig am Rhein to Grafschaft Ringen in the Rheinland Innovation Park where countless innovative companies and HARIBO are already based.

Despite all the efforts of the town of Sinzig, the company found no opportunities for further growth at its current location and was thus forced to take a new direction. The transport connections to the Rheinland Innovation Park are excellent and the Grafschaft municipality has made every effort that the home-bound company has one again found a new home in the Ahrweiler area.

The company founded in 1985 by owner and managing director, Erich Wunderlich, has established an excellent reputation in the motorcycle industry with its innovative, high-quality products for BMW motorcycles and currently employs 60 employees, of which 21 are engineers, technicians and masters. [...]

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