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Quinta, 15 Fevereiro 2018 15:34 | Actualizado em Segunda, 05 Dezembro 2022 11:31

Peak Performance - Wunderlich motor sport


Wunderlich PikesPeak

) Great news from the USA for Wunderlich motor sport powered by ProKASRO: Mr. Frank Hoffmann, CEO of Wunderlich GmbH, lately received the admission for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event 2018. This license is highly demanded and only a few of them are handed out to racing teams all over the globe. On 24 June 2018 the team from Sinzig starts again at the legendary mountain race near Colorado Springs and is in good company as a lot of other high-class international Race and factory teams participate, too.

Thilo Günther competed on a precise prepared and customized R 1200 R LC for Wunderlich motor sport and instantly made it to a top 10 rank at last year’s Pikes Peak. This huge achievement granted us a lot of attention among customers, sponsors and even BMW Motorcycle. ,,2017 was our first test ride on this track

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