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Terça, 10 Abril 2018 16:16 | Actualizado em Sábado, 27 Novembro 2021 23:21

Wunderlich protects

Stylistically confident protection for BMW K 1600 Bagger and Grand America

Wunderlich Sturzbuegel K1600B

For the models K 1600 B and Grand America engine protection bars which are stylistically confident as well as effective have now been tailored by Wunderlich. The high-quality bars accept the lines of the BMW 6-cylinder machine and its fairing continuing those right up to the luggage protection bars. Reduced to the essential, the bars reliably protect engine and fairing just in case. Visually perfectly integrated, the luggage case protection bars improve all-round security of the Bagger.

If just toppled over or badly crashed, all involved forces are equally distributed by the elaborately curved round tube. Without modification, all bars are easily mounted to the fairing at its original attachment points ensuring utmost cornering clearance. They are road-legal and registration-free, Made in Germany and come with a 5 year warranty.

The Wunderlich engine and luggage case protection bars are either available in black featuring a robust powder coating or in a chrome version. [...]

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