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mayhem on 3 wheels!


New Series ...Starting Saturday, May 19


: On Saturday, May 19, MAVTV will introduce viewers to the thrills and spills of some of the hairiest off road racing on the planet. Almost unknown in North America, the FIM Sidecarcross World Championship has been thrilling fans in Europe since the early 1950’s and should prove to be a sure fire hit in North American.


For Air-Times please check your local listings or the MAVTV website link below (MAVTV listings are ET only).


The 2018 FIM Sidecarcross championship can be seen tearing up motocross race tracks all across Europe - but on three wheels with a sidecar attached. The series starts in the Netherlands, then heads to France, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia.


Take the most unwieldy configuration in the world of motorcycle racing, put two perfectly sane racers aboard, weld a vestigial frame with one wheel on its side and call it a “sidecar.” But think of it more as a rolling 150 kilometer per hour jungle gym with teammates working together to stay ahead of possibly another 39 or 40 similarly-strange machines that all seem to want to run in first place at the same time.


This is “see it to believe it” racing, Two riders, one three-wheeled racing machine that reacts and handles completely differently when taking a right turn than it does going to the left. There’s a built-in ungainly wildness that makes every turn of every lap a challenge. Shift the weight just right and the machine will do what you want, get the balance wrong and the BEST thing that can happen is another team has ridden right around you.


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