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Sábado, 09 Junho 2018 17:05 | Actualizado em Quinta, 07 Dezembro 2023 00:14

Gear up

Wunderlich components and accessories for the BMW F 850 GS

Wunderlich BMW F 850 GS

Just in time for the roll-out of the new BMW F 850 GS in the middle of May 2018, Wunderlich, the specialist for high-quality components for BMW motorcycles, is launching its extensive range for the versatile travel enduro.

“The potential of the new BMW F 850 GS is more than promising. If we didn’t know this before, it was certainly made clear by Dirk Thelen’s successful and highly regarded performance in this year’s Enduro d’Agadir”, states Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of Wunderlich GmbH. “This is reason enough for us to devote all our energies to the enduro”, adds Felix Wunderlich, who is Head of the Development Department. [...]

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