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Segunda, 11 Junho 2018 11:07 | Actualizado em Terça, 06 Dezembro 2022 02:37

Sun protection

Wunderlich glare protection for the BMW TFT

Sun protection

() BMW riders have recently been able to order their new R 1200 GS, the Adventure sister model, plus the new F 750 GS and the F 850 GS, with the new “Connectivity” option. The heart of the system is a 6.5”, coloured TFT screen, which replaces the existing Cockpit. Whether you use it as a communication and navigation system, to display various pieces of data, to make calls or to listen to music, the TFT is a real all-rounder. However, it also has one weakness. Depending on the light conditions or the sunlight, it becomes hard to read due to reflections and glare.

The screen becomes far easier to read with the perfectfit glare protection from Wunderlich. The quality element made of black, UV-resistant ABS plastic is simply clipped on, but offers an unshakeable hold and covers the entire TFT housing. It also gives the cockpit a significant visual upgrade.

The glare protection is Made in Germany and costs €29.90*. The BMW accessories specialists provide a five-year warranty. [...]

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