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Quarta, 13 Junho 2018 09:14 | Actualizado em Quinta, 08 Dezembro 2022 10:05

Close to the wind

G 310 GS windscreen from Wunderlich

Windschild G310GS

There’s no doubt where it comes from. With its typical design, BMW’s smallest Adventure model is instantly recognisable as a GS and scores top marks with its characteristic GS ergonomics. But not at least since it seems that the standard wind protection of the G 310 GS‘s wind protection seems to be negglected.

Wunderlich, the No. 1 worldwide for high-end BMW accessories, has a perfectly proportioned screen for the 310 series in its range. It cuts a convincing figure with its excellent, aerodynamic properties and eliminates pressure and turbulence, as well as the resulting vibrations across all speed ranges. The high-stability and completely flutter-free screen is made of robust, visually clean acrylic plastic measuring 4 millimetres thick. It is optionally available either as a transparent or a smoked grey version. It can be assembled with extreme ease, and comes together with a complete fitting kit, a type approval (ABE) and a five-year warranty all for €169.90. [...]

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