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Quarta, 09 Junho 2021 16:30 | Actualizado em Domingo, 20 Junho 2021 11:05

Pride moves us

  • The Pride Moves Us group is the network created by SEAT S.A. employees to promote LGBTI+ inclusion
  • The group has been operating for one year, coinciding with Pride Month, during which the company is organising a number of activities to raise awareness
  • SEAT S.A.’s association with REDI, Spain’s first diversity and inclusion network for businesses, is one of Pride Moves Us’ milestones in this first year


“I’ve always felt the need to support LGBTI+ people in the workplace.” This is how Miguel Díez,  from CUPRA’s Product Strategy department, sums up the origins of Pride Moves Us, a group which promotes the visibility and inclusion of people identifying as LGBTI+ within SEAT S.A. Around this time last year, in the midst of the global pandemic, he and fellow colleague Miguel Ángel Sanz founded the group with an aim for it to become a meeting point for LGBTI+ employees and advocates.



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