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Quinta, 16 Abril 2020 17:16 | Actualizado em Segunda, 15 Julho 2024 02:09

Software stack and SoM for the development of CC-Link IE TSN products


port has developed a hardware product for CC-Link IE TSN in the form of an embedded system on module (SoM) which can be used as an add-on or expansion board for existing systems

 An engineering company that specialises in industrial real-time data communication has developed two alternatives for CC-Link IE TSN products: a software stack (master/slave) reduces in-house development time and costs for the component manufacturer while an embedded system on module (SoM) can directly expand existing platforms.

Founded in 1990, port industrial automation GmbH based in Halle/Saale is committed to industrial real-time communication in all sectors. More than 500 product and system developers worldwide use MCU middleware, libraries, cores, protocol stacks, drivers, tools and development services from port to successfully place their products on the market.

Since the beginning of CANopen, the company has primarily relied on multi-protocol solutions, working in collaboration with market drivers from the European and US automation industries. Today, port focuses on the Industrial Ethernet protocols in their many forms and that is why, in June 2018, it joined the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) in order to support its latest Industrial Ethernet technology CC-Link IE TSN which combines gigabit bandwidth and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN).

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