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Quarta, 21 Julho 2021 07:42 | Actualizado em Terça, 27 Julho 2021 15:47

New Handheld JETLASER Cleaning System

The Swiss Knife of Laser Cleaning

The new JETLASER M100

 The 4JET Group (Alsdorf, Germany) is making a low-cost laser cleaning solution available for industry and trade: The new JETLASER M100 is a compact hand-held laser cleaning system that combines favorable investment costs and high application versatility.

The system enables rust removal, de-greasing, pain stripping as well as cleaning of tools and molds, facades or wooden surfaces.

Possible areas of application include industrial cleaning, tool maintenance, preparation for non-destructive testing, restoration of vehicles or monuments, and the preparation and post-processing of joining processes such as welding.

Compared to classic cleaning methods such as dry-ice blasting, pickling or grinding, the process works dry, quietly, dust-free and without the use of chemicals. [...]

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