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Quarta, 21 Julho 2021 09:35 | Actualizado em Quinta, 29 Setembro 2022 03:01

Climbing Mont Blanc without leaving Martorell

  • To guarantee their performance in the most extreme situations, the vehicles go from -40º to +60º in just a few minutes and without moving more than 10 metres
  • Thermal jackets, hiking boots, gloves and goggles that protect against ultraviolet rays are the essential equipment for engineers in SEAT S.A.’s climatic chambers
  • The Martorell engine test centre also has nine multi-energy benches where any type of engine can be tested, with a focus on electrification


Travelling from the top of Mont Blanc to the Sahara desert via Antarctica, all without going farther than 10 metres. The new hybrid and electric engines are tested under the toughest conditions to analyse their response in extraordinary situations, and the SEAT S.A. plant has one of the pioneering test centres in southern Europe for this purpose. In its climatic chambers there’s no need to leave the Martorell Technical Centre to go from the most extreme heat to temperatures that freeze water in a few milliseconds.

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