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Quarta, 27 Outubro 2021 20:15 | Actualizado em Domingo, 28 Novembro 2021 21:15

100% electric

This is how racing drivers developed the CUPRA Born

  • Racing drivers Jordi Gené and Mattias Ekström participated in the development of the CUPRA Born to give it a race car spirit
  • A frozen lake in Lapland and some of the most demanding racetracks were used as a testing ground to increase the performance of the brand’s first 100% electric car
  • The racing drivers stepped in to enhance the CUPRA experience when it comes to steering, brakes and power


Two professional drivers, more than 3,000 kilometres of testing and a common goal: to ensure that the CUPRA Born is pure driving excitement. “Racing cars are the inspiration for all CUPRAs, and those who drive them best are racing drivers” says Marta Almuni, technical director of development of the CUPRA Born. This is how CUPRA Racing drivers Jordi Gené and Mattias Ekström contributed to the development of the brand’s first 100% electric car.


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