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Sexta, 14 Janeiro 2022 20:01 | Actualizado em Quarta, 26 Janeiro 2022 01:52

RUD is among the 500 secret world market leaders of 2022


 WirtschaftsWoche, the leading business magazine in Germany, has honoured the 500 secret world market leaders of 2022.

This was preceded by a comprehensive review and scientific evaluation by the renowned

economists and analysts at the famous Sankt Gallen University in Switzerland.

The RUD group, pioneer, think tank, innovation leader and medium-sized global player from Aalen Unterkochen in the upper Kocher valley belongs to this renowned circle as a medium-sized German family business. This circle is defined by unchallenged and global market leadership, as well as technological and quality leadership in niche segments such as the market for chains and chain system, which is the strategic focus at RUD. [...]

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