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Sábado, 26 Novembro 2022 19:22 | Actualizado em Sexta, 03 Fevereiro 2023 23:26

G20 Summit - Bali: AARONIA successfully protected the famed conference from illegal and unwanted drones with the AARTOS drone detection system.


High-level Indonesian security forces and media representatives at an AARTOS DDS demonstration in Bali.

The 17th G20 Summit, under close surveillance and heightened security, took place in Bali, Indonesia from November 15-16. A primary focus of this security infrastructure was the protection of conference hotels from illegal drones. Given the importance of the task, the Indonesian security authorities chose to use the world's most successful anti-drone system AARTOS, from the German company AARONIA AG.

When the leaders of the 20 largest economies meet in one place, it is vital for the authorities of the host country to protect them. In addition to providing security for these 20 world leaders, 10 leaders from participating guest states, as well as members from the delegations of these 30 states.

In the past few years, drone detection has taken on a more significant role in the G20 Summits’ security apparatus as drone technology continues to develop rapidly, prices of these drones decrease, and they are more accessible than ever before. [...]

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