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ZEEKR’s first European Showroom opens in Stockholm

  • ZEEKR has opened its first luxury showroom in Europe – the ZEEKR Center in Stockholm – in the city’s fashionable Norrmalm District, at the heart of Sweden’s capital city and retail innovation at Gallerian, Hamngatan 37
  • Occupying two floors, the exclusive location provides customers with a curated brand experience, including a luxurious showroom and lounge, and sets a new standard in personalized, direct-to-customer retail
  • ZEEKR product experts are on hand to arrange every element of the ownership experience, from purchase through to wallbox installation and vehicle servicing
  • Pricing for the ZEEKR 001 luxury shooting brake starts at 677,000 SEK (inc. VAT)1, and at 550,000 SEK (incl. VAT)for the ZEEKR X urban compact luxury SUV
  • Representing another milestone for ZEEKR as the luxury brand continues its expansion in the European market, further ZEEKR Centers will open in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, in December and other European countries throughout 2024
  • ZEEKR has 22 ZEEKR Centers, 225 ZEEKR Spaces, 31 Delivery Centers and 41 ZEEKR Houses around China, and more to come

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 Global electric mobility technology brand ZEEKR has opened its first ZEEKR Center in Europe, located in the heart of Stockholm’s Norrmalm District, at Gallerian, Hamngatan 37. The new location is a core element of ZEEKR’s direct and customer-centric approach and is designed to give visitors a luxurious, exclusive, curated brand experience.

It also represents a pivotal moment in ZEEKR’s global roadmap, as the brand helps to drive forward the transition to electric mobility by making luxury electric vehicles accessible to customers in Europe, and matching world-class design and technology with a One-stop-shop offer that makes the switch to EVs simple and seamless.

Like most ZEEKR stores in China, the spacious location is the perfect showcase for the first two all-electric models offered in Europe – the pioneering ZEEKR 001 luxury shooting brake and the ZEEKR X urban compact luxury SUV. (ZEEKR 001: Combined power consumption in kWh/100km: 18.2-18.5 (WLTP). ZEEKR X: Combined power consumption in kWh/100km: 16.5-17.5 (WLTP). Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0).

The ZEEKR Center is much more than a retail space: it embodies every element of ZEEKR’s direct and customer-oriented approach. Customers can configure and order their vehicles on 42-inch, 4k screens, and ZEEKR product experts are on hand to demonstrate the state-of-the-art technologies in the vehicles, such as the augmented-reality head-up displays and the infotainment systems’ AI voice assistants.

ZEEKR’s personalized, One-Stop-Shop offering gives the customer everything from finance, insurance, home wallbox installation2 and public charging solutions, through to vehicle servicing and extended warranties, helping to set new standards in EV ownership.

The store is also designed as a relaxing, exclusive space for customers, where they can spend time in a dedicated lounge, and browse the collections of ZEEKR merchandise and co-branded goods.

ZEEKR Europe CEO, Spiros Fotinos, said: “The inauguration of our European ZEEKR Center in Stockholm – the first of many we’ll open throughout Europe – is a cornerstone of ZEEKR’s global strategy. Our innovative direct-to-customer model ensures a refined and rewarding ownership experience, integral to our mission of enriching customer relationships and solidifying our footprint in the electric mobility space.”

The first ZEEKR vehicles destined for customers in Sweden and the Netherlands will be delivered before the end of this year, and in Germany early next year. ZEEKR will expand its presence into most countries in Western Europe by 2026.

Prices are for the Swedish market, for the single motor Long Range models respectively

2 Permits or other approvals from third-parties may be required: obtaining these is not the responsibility of Zeekr.

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