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Quinta, 11 Julho 2019 16:21 | Actualizado em Sábado, 13 Abril 2024 10:28

BlueID now supports the nRF52840 chip by Nordic Semiconductor


Firmenlogo "BlueID GmbH"

 With its secure and versatile cloud-based ACCESS® solution, BlueID enables highly secure, scalable and compliant mobile access control for its lock and reader partners. The hardware-independent solution can be integrated into electronic locks and readers of any vendor thanks to the pre-integration of BlueID software into a large selection of Bluetooth and NFC chips. The latest addition is the nRF52840 BLE-chip by Nordic Semiconductors.

“The nRF52840 with BlueID firmware offers the perfect solution for fast and secure access control management in buildings”, explains Philipp Spangenberg, CEO of BlueID. The firmware enables cloud-based authorisation and authentication of users in BlueID-enabled locks, turning smartphones into secure digital keys. Once authorised, doors can be opened with a smartphone in a matter of seconds. [...]

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