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Terça, 06 Agosto 2019 11:46 | Actualizado em Sábado, 13 Abril 2024 13:21

Moisture protection through parylene coating for Peltier elements


Peltier elements

 In order to achieve increased protection against environmental influences on printed circuit boards (PCBs), lacquer coatings based on silicone or epoxy resins ­­are often insufficient or prove problematic when applied.

The alternative is parylene coating.

The advantage is an even, homogeneous and thin, free of defects, applied protective cover effectively against dust, dirt and moisture.

What was only possible in the past for printed circuit boards, is now available from P&N-Europe for your series requirements for Peltier modules.

Since TEMs have internally built in rectangular semiconductors (couples), which are very sensitive to humidity, the parylene coating is particularly suitable. [...]

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