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Quarta, 14 Agosto 2019 15:04 | Actualizado em Domingo, 14 Abril 2024 01:15

Eddy Current Testing - Rohmann GmbH takes part in the first DGZfP seminar on 10 and 11 September 2019 in Celle


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 After setting up the Technical Committee “Eddy current” by DGZfP (German Society for Non-Destructive Testing), the first seminar will be held on 10 and 11 September 2019 in Celle. It is geared towards users and service providers from all sectors of the automotive and metalworking industry as well as R&D specialists (also without DGZfP membership).

Rohmann GmbH will present a small selection of application possibilities in the adjacent exhibition and will contribute with three presentations to the seminar program. You are very welcome to attend this event.

Alongside the exhibition, 24 interesting and informative specialist presentations will give a good overview of the subject eddy current. The following issues will be covered on both seminar days:

  • material characterisation with eddy current,

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