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Sexta, 18 Setembro 2020 21:21 | Actualizado em Sábado, 13 Abril 2024 10:51

Unlimited flexibility with the Telemeter switch control panel!



 Telemeter Electronic has made it its aim to always find the optimum solution for its customers, therefore we can now also offer customer-specific configured switch panels. In our own development and production department we develop systems which are characterized by a wide frequency range from DC up to 40 GHz. Individual case design (as module/desktop case or plug-in unit in 19" format) and the flexible assembly by any RF components such as RF switches, attenuators, amplifier, filter and splitters are also feasible. There are two basic methods of controlling the systems: Manual operation on the device itself and remote operation via various interfaces such as RS232, LAN, USB or IEEE-488. The equipment is always adapted to the customer's requirements. In addition to the normally installed switches, Telemeter Electronic have the possibility to response to your individual requirements.

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